Shortly after I created this website, Everlast Construction filed a mechanic’s  lien against my house.

If you don’t know what a mechanics lien is, it’s basically a method for anyone who does work on your house to ensure you pay them for the work that was done. They can file a lien against your house which prevents you from selling it and just in general causes you problems.

There are however certain restrictions in place as to when and how a lien can be placed. One of the simplest ones (in California anyhow) is the 90 day window of completion. Once work has finished, they have 90 days from the last day any work was done to file the lien.  And it has been well past 90 days since the last day any work was done when they filed this lien.

The only reasons I can think of why they would do this is either they are incompetent and don’t know when the work was finished or don’t know what the rules are regarding liens.  Or they did this as an intimidation tactic to try and scare me into taking down this site and my negative reviews.

Either way, this reflects very poorly on Everlast Construction and I think just serves as further proof as to how disreputable and unprofessional they are.

I contacted them and told them to remove the lien, otherwise they would be liable for any legal fees I incur in having the lien removed myself.  And on August 3rd their lawyer said the lien would be removed. As of 8/14/2016 I’m still waiting for notice that the lien has been removed.