A detailed account of Everlast Construction's (lic 986126) dishonest shady business practices

Ariel Baleli – CEO of Everlast Construction is (apparently) a marketing expert

If you look at Ariel Baleli’s linkedin profile you might notice something a little bit odd for someone who is the CEO of a construction company AND someone who is mentioned in many reviews as providing excellent personal construction and design advice – he has virtually no construction experience.  ALL of his top skills deal with marketing.  Any skills dealing with construction are ALL on the bottom. How is it that someone who is the CEO of a construction company; someone who is mentioned in multiple reviews as providing personal advice and design, has construction as his weakest skills?

Screen shot from 10/17/2016 of Ariel Baleli's linkedin profile

Screen shot from 10/17/2016 of Ariel Baleli’s linkedin profile




  1. James Kilpatrick

    I left Ari a negative yelp review and immediately had 5-6 other people with stories of paying money, only to get horrible service followed by threats and delays. I feel so bad for all these people he is tricking. The least I can do is confirm that my experiences are identical to what you describe in so many ways.

  2. Lisa Silveroli

    What can be done about this guy? How is he not in prison??

    • Ian

      Unfortunately as bad as he is at doing a good job or being an honest person, he’s that good at working the system to his advantage. He has a lawyer and uses his lawyer to scare people into being silent. I still encourage everyone to file complaints with the licensing board, file a small claims lawsuit and to contact any of the local news channels. The one thing he absolutely wants to avoid at all costs is any public negative feedback. I have a literal book full of evidence that I never got to present to the court because he used his lawyer to transfer my case from small claims to civil court.