A detailed account of Everlast Construction's (lic 986126) dishonest shady business practices

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Ariel Baleli tried to friend my father on facebook

I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish by doing this, but Ariel sent a friend request on facebook to my father. Contacting family members who had absolutely nothing to do with any of this seems like the way a professional would react, right? Just for the record, my father never saw any of the work being done and wasn’t even in the same time zone while Everlast Construction was making a mess. Just one more reason to stay as far away from Everlast and Ariel as possible. I’ll include a screenshot showing the request – all the legit friend requests I’ve blurred out for privacy reasons.

I still get complaints from victims of Everlast

Looks like Everlast and Ariel are still doing business as usual, unfortunately. Just got contacted by someone today who said they are getting ripped off by Everlast. And I was contacted by another person last month as well. I can’t stress enough – if you’ve been their victim, file complaints with the Contractor State License Board, and post honest reviews where ever you can. And don’t be afraid to reach out to the local news and tv stations. They will do consumer watch dog reports sometimes and shining some light on what Everlast is doing would go a long way to stop them.

Ariel tries to attack/slander me

So apparently this website is getting under Ariel’s skin because he’s been contacting me, threatening me and now posting bogus reviews on my business in an effort to get me to take down this website.

This is just more proof about how dishonest he is. He accuses me of being dangerous, of blackmailing him, of being a nut case.

I’m attaching a screen shot of the bogus review he posted because hopefully yelp will be removing it shortly.

He’s also threatening me by posting his own blog about me. He blatantly lies about me, claiming I attempted to blackmail him ” he try to blackmailed me and told me if i won’t pay him money he will make my life a living hall “

Well folks, that’s called slander because it’s completely untrue. If it were true, he’d have something to back it up. Unfortunately for Ariel, I saved copies of every communication I had with his company so I can provide proof for all my claims. I’ll also be saving all these threats from him since if he is dumb enough to try and take me to court, it’s not going to go well for him. I wonder if he knows that extortion is a felony in California that can have a fine of up to $10,000 and/or 4 years in prison.

This is just some of the stack of evidence I have against Everlast

Would you trust someone that does this?

I found an interesting page regarding Ariel Baleli.  Interestingly, from the page link it appears as thought it was meant for a lock smith. But the content of the page appears to be advertising a company called localwms.com. They appear to be advertising their services to help companies counter negative reviews by posting their own positive blog posts and press releases which make the company look better.

Here is a quote from the page:

This [countering negative reviews] can be done through press releases, blog posts and articles that portray your company or website in a positive light.

Would you want to do business with someone that does that?

I’ve taken a screen shot of the page just in case it gets removed.


Spam attack

Over the last two days and continuing right now, this site has basically been under a spam attack. As of right now there are over 1600 spam posts submitted to this site in the last 2 days or so. Normally, if i get one spam post a week, that would be a lot.

Is Ariel Baleli or someone else from Everlast Construction behind this? I don’t know, although I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he is.  I had several blogs over the years, this one being the newest one. And this is the ONLY blog I’ve had that has ever been flooded with spam like this.

Fortunately for me this doesn’t matter since i have effective filters in place that have caught all the spam and it doesn’t cause me any problems at all. I can only hope if Everlast is behind this that they at least spent a lot of money to do it, since it would be a waste of money.

What you can do if you were a victim of Everlast Construction

So I’ve had a few people contact me recently saying everlast construction is still engaging in their dishonest business practices. There are a few things you can try doing.

  1.  They hate it when anyone brings public attention to their work, so posting honest reviews about them on yelp, home advisor, angies list, buildzoom or any other place where they have reviews. Everlast posts fake reviews on most of these sites so any honest reviews will help.
  2. Contact the Contractors State License Board and file a complaint. You can email Thomas Jager at thomas.jager@cslb.ca.gov. He’s the investigator who handled my case.
  3. Try and do all communication with Everlast through email or txt messages, that way you have a record of everything that was said.
  4. Contact some of the local TV and print news outlets. Many of them have consumer watchdog type departments. I actually got the local CBS station to come interview me on camera, but they haven’t aired it yet. Maybe if they get enough people complaining they’ll decide to air it. You can email cbs at consumerwatch@kpix.com
  5. If everlast threatens you with legal action, don’t immediately assume they have the upper hand. They seem to like to depend on people being ignorant of the law and using that to scare people. I would get a short consult with a lawyer – many will give you 30 minutes for free. Or at the very least do some research of your own.
  6. Sometimes it takes a while, but you can have an impact. Everlast used to be Diamond certified, and now they are not.

To any other people who feel like they were ripped off by everlast

If everlast did a poor job, I encourage you to file a complaint with the CSLB. The one shred of hope I had was that maybe they’d eventually clean up their act. But the last few people who have contacted me makes it seem as though that will never happen.

So if you hired them to do some work for you and you feel like they did a poor job, contact the Contractors State License Board and file a complaint. I filed a complaint and not much came of it, but they said they do keep all complaints on file so maybe if they get enough complaints, they’ll actually do something useful, like revoke their license.

A quick update

I just thought I would post a quick update since there hasn’t been anything new posted on Everlast Construction in a while.

As of this writing, I’m discussing a settlement and/or going to mediation/arbitration with everlast. They of course are sticking to their usual routine of not admitting to do anything wrong at all and acting like they are the victims.  If i do reach a settlement with them, there’s a good chance I will probably have to take down this site and not reveal any details of the settlement. But I will keep this site up, and updated, as long as I can.

The contractor Everlast Construction hired to build my deck has a citation

When I created this site and made the initial post, I mentioned that the guy they hired to build the deck had his license suspended. Everlast Construction’s lawyer sent me a cease and desist letter  claiming I’m defaming them and part of their claim is that ABA Construction, the one they hired to build the deck, did not have his license suspended. It just hasn’t been renewed. Which is technically correct.  What they didn’t mention in their cease and desist letter is that ABA wasn’t allowed to renew their license due to an outstanding bond payment. And now as of the date of this posting, ABA also has a citation against them as well dealing with workers comp.

So I guess saying his license was suspended was really a horrible defamation against Everlast <— sarcasm  

Everlast is taking me to civil court

Well unfortunately the judge granted Everlast Construction’s request to transfer the case to civil court. I prefered going to small claims since it would be quicker and simpler and then I would have some official documentation proving what type of company everlast is.

But if Ariel thought going to civil court would scare me off, he was wrong. Although it’s more complicated to go to civil court versus small claims, I’m still going to take them to court. Only now I’m going to increase the amount of damages I am claiming.

So all Ariel really did was make things worse for himself since at the end of the civil trial, Everlast will owe me even more money and a judgement in my favor will be even more convincing proof as to the type of company Everlast Construction is.

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