So I’ve had a few people contact me recently saying everlast construction is still engaging in their dishonest business practices. There are a few things you can try doing.

  1.  They hate it when anyone brings public attention to their work, so posting honest reviews about them on yelp, home advisor, angies list, buildzoom or any other place where they have reviews. Everlast posts fake reviews on most of these sites so any honest reviews will help.
  2. Contact the Contractors State License Board and file a complaint. You can email Thomas Jager at He’s the investigator who handled my case.
  3. Try and do all communication with Everlast through email or txt messages, that way you have a record of everything that was said.
  4. Contact some of the local TV and print news outlets. Many of them have consumer watchdog type departments. I actually got the local CBS station to come interview me on camera, but they haven’t aired it yet. Maybe if they get enough people complaining they’ll decide to air it. You can email cbs at
  5. If everlast threatens you with legal action, don’t immediately assume they have the upper hand. They seem to like to depend on people being ignorant of the law and using that to scare people. I would get a short consult with a lawyer – many will give you 30 minutes for free. Or at the very least do some research of your own.
  6. Sometimes it takes a while, but you can have an impact. Everlast used to be Diamond certified, and now they are not.