A detailed account of Everlast Construction's (lic 986126) dishonest shady business practices

I just discovered some plumbing problems caused by Everlast Construction

I went in my backyard today and discovered a problem caused by Everlast Construction.  I’m not sure why but they installed a pipe that goes from my kitchen through the wall into the outside backyard. I don’t know what this pipe is for, but it’s leaking water. I have a small cesspit now where the water collected under the pipe. I tightened the cap at the end of the pipe, hopefully that’s all it was and hopefully there’s no water damage inside the walls.

Everlast Construction should not be in business.

Leaking pipe from Everlast Construction

Leaking pipe from Everlast Construction

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  1. James Kilpatrick

    I have personally spoken with a number of Everlast people, including the “CEO”. Hiring Everlast for any reason without first reading this site and discussing with ex-customers would be a huge mistake. My gratitude to the author of this site for making the world a slightly safer place for consumers.

    My experiences are almost identical and in many cases worse than what is stated here.