I emailed Ariel Baleli and his lawyer Hide Sano yesterday that I am demanding $10,000 as compensation for what they did, and failed to do, in this project. I actually believe they owe me far more than that. But you can’t ask for more than $10,000 in small claims and it wouldn’t be worth the hassle to take them to civil court. Especially since I don’t expect them to actually come up with any money if i win ( and i am sure I will win). But at least a court case will be some official record that I can use to show they are not good.

I’m still waiting for my complaint against Everlast Construction to finish being processed by the CSLB

I already filed the papers with the court and have a court date scheduled for October. I will post updates after the court case is over as well as provide all the material I brought to the case to prove what type of company Everlast is.